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Opportunities for YOU!

ESN is full of opportunities for development! Whether you are interested in attending training events, you would like to apply for a position or you would like a chance to host an event in your city, we got you covered!Check out the current opportunities below!

(lightbulb) Social Inclusion Team & Structural Task Force (lightbulb)
- apply by

21 June

15 July 2019!

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The Social Inclusion Team comprises of 5 members who work closely with the International Board on the Social Inclusion cause, including the SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility programmes. The team is appointed for the duration of one year, from 15 July 2019 to 14 July 2020. We are at the moment still looking for the Social Inclusion Coordinator and Exchange Ability Programme Manager. Click below to find out more about the call!

Structural Task Force (STF) is an ad hoc ESN team that was created to work on the ESNreview, a project concerning structural changes in ESN. Following the approval of the ESNreview Proposal at AGM Thessaloniki, in 2019-2020, the team will be working on implementing the approved changes (according to the transition procedures), as we as starting the consultation on the changes regarding the support structures in ESN. 

In this extended call, we are looking for a Communication Expert and Legal Experts. 

To apply for the mentioned teams, please submit your CV and the Application Form  below to [email protected] 

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Link to Section in the Spotlight Application Form

Every month you can apply to be the section in the spotlight and share your best practices with the rest of the network.  Any section can apply and then a jury within the Network Committee. Once the winner is elected, it is promoted in the ESN Facebook informal group and in the ESN Website. To apply click on the picture above!

Click here to check the best practices of past Sections in the Spotlight!

What is ESN Wiki? 

ESN Wiki is ESN's main knowledge and information platform. It is organised in Spaces and their Pages. The list of all Spaces can be found in the Space Directory. The main spaces can be found below - just click on the pictures to learn more! On the Space Directory, you can also find the spaces of all the ESN Countries, where you can discover best practices from around the network. 

By clicking on the star next to each Space, you can bookmark your favourite Spaces that you want to access easily.
To stay up to date with new additions to spaces, you can follow the Spaces and set notifications to be informed via email whenever there is a change.
This can be particularly useful if you are interested to follow voting results, be informed of new opportunities in ESN or receive event reports once they are published.

To learn more about the platform and how to edit a page visit the Help centre (under construction)Centre. 

For additional information, feedback or questions, please contact [email protected]